Who are we?

Who are we?

Hello World!

We are the Enzinas family, that sold everything in 2021 and left the 9-5 life to travel with our 2 (at the time) children. We traveled via car in for almost 2 years in Guatemala, Mexico and Belize. While worldschooling we had our third baby at the beginning of 2023 in Mexico. 

Meet our family 

Jurga- born in Lithuania. I am the one that is behind the Instagram page content and behind the scenes of this webpage. I am the one that always looks for a better deal to fly or getting accommodations.

My favorite experience so far while traveling – I have 2 of those- 1. Snorkeling with the whale sharks, sting rays and see turtles in Belize , and 2. Watching humpback whales off of the coast in Mazunte, Mexico.

Audrius-  born in Lithuania but parents moved to the US in early 2000s after winning a green card. Audrius is the one behind the drone and all the tech, and also behind the wheel when we travel by car. Loves hiking, eating good food, swimming, diving, biking, going nuts with a buggy in the mountains. He loves to get a big kite into the sky. He has also a wonderful ear for the great music. 

Meets the kids – our greatest teachers 

Neitas (8 years old in 2023) – loves biking, learning how to drive a car with dad, loves running, fishing, swimming, diving and learning things on his own. He is the smarty pants in the family with a sharp mind, that loves mushroom picking and then cooking the mushrooms and eating them (he knows all the mushroom types in Lithuanian forest, I admit – he knows way more than I do). What an encouraging soul he is and teaches us every day things that we would never have known if it wasn’t for him. 

Markas (5 years old in 2023)- our funny, charming and shy soul. Loves to be barefoot and naked. Is not afraid of anything- can take a snake or a frog into his hands. Loves to learn Muay Thai and Karate, new kicks and tricks every day. Challenges himself that also makes us challenge ourselves- so inspiring. Loves to try new foods and especially loves garlic sauce. And steak sauce. To eat all by itself. The water is never too cold for him to jump in no matter where we are at.

Kaja (born in January, 2023)- our little princess mexicana (she was born in Mexico after all). Very chill baby, that loves banana, avocado and tea. Loves her brothers and smiles a lot. A little happy ray of sunshine in our family, that brightens every day. I can tell that her favorite place in the whole world is in my hands.

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