Renting a Scooter in Da Nang, Vietnam

Renting a Scooter in Da Nang, Vietnam

First let me tell you that the traffic in Da Nang is not as crazy as in other cities in Vietnam. For our convenience, we rented ourselves a scooter and I am sharing rental place we got it from and all the information you may need to rent a scooter in Da Nang.

We rented a scooter from JUST BIKES (link here: JUST BIKES SCOOTER RENTAL ) as they were highly recommended by the locals and after reading their reviews we decided to give it a go (and also hey were located just 250 meters from where we were staying).

Of course – the first day – they were all rented out, but took our number to call once a scooter becomes available. Next day – they called us and we rented a brand new Yamaha Janus which we loved!

JUST BIKES has a variety of bikes to choose from (and regular bicycles as well). Depends on your preference and how powerful you want your scooter- the prices vary from 90000 VND per day to 200000 VND per day. They do give discounts if you rent for more than 4 days at a time. We paid 130000 VND per day since we rented for 10 days, otherwise it would have been 160000 VND per day.

They require for you to leave an ID, Passport or DL but no deposit for the scooter. We left Our original DL from the US and they were satisfied as we never leave our passports anywhere.

JUST BIKES also have a variety of Tours that they offer and You can check them out online on their website (JUST BIKES ). They are conveniently located near the beach and near the main roads of Da Nang’s City Center.

Definitely keep this contact in case You want to rent a scooter in this beautiful city.

Keep in. mind that if you rent a place to stay, usually the host may have options to rent a scooter but from our experience the scooters were worn down and the breaks were not working properly, overall- all of them had issues, so if I have to choose – I would rent it from JUST BIKES.

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