Renting a Car in Cebu, Philippines

Renting a Car in Cebu, Philippines

While slow traveling with children, it is important for us to rent a car at least for a short period of time in order to be able and have freedom to explore the destination on our time terms. After all, traveling with three kids is no joke and sometimes we need short or long breaks, extra stops for snacks and eating, extra toilet breaks, stops to admire beautiful views in the way – just to name a few.

I get lots of question where to rent cars where we go. And I always share my honest opinion and experience from all destinations as that may bring value to others traveling with little ones.

I try to look for rental cars on Google Maps and I read the reviews to understand the principles of the rental agencies. We almost never rent from FAMOUS rental companies as they tend to be a lot more expensive and they never offered any discount for longer rentals. After I read the reviews and pick out 2 or 3 best rental companies according to the reviews, I contact them via Whatsapp. Most of them are very quick to respond to answer any and all questions I may have. To our experience we had great customer service experience from most of the rental agencies.

For Cebu car rental, I also picked the one that delivers the car to your place and picks the car up (even for a small fee) and gives a discount for longer rental of 7 or more days. I also chose to go with the company that had a newer car and a medium sedan, as we have luggages so we ned a little bit bigger vehicle to fit everything in .

  • We rented a Toyota Vios- cost was 11200 PHP for 7 days (197$/ week, about 28$ US per day). They also have a bigger selection on cars and vans, prices are various. We signed the contract on the street when they delivered the car. It was a very new car, only had about 7000 KM on it. Prices are very budget friendly.
  • Deposit: 2000 PHP CASH
  • Documents: took a copy of passport and International Driver’s license.
  • We extended the rental, as we decided to stay 2 extra days in the northern part of Cebu Island and there were no problems.
  • Pick up was fast and easy, the driver came in, collected the car, we exchanged the money for extra days and got the deposit back. Also gave extra money for the gas.
  • Very easy and great communication, no problems renting with them next time.

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