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Nestled amidst the serene landscape of Phu Quoc, Le Forest stands as an exquisite boutique resort, offering a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Situated atop gentle hills, its idyllic location ensures a serene ambiance, free from the disturbances of city noises, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the harmonious symphony of nature.

Our experience at Le Forest surpassed all expectations, characterized by impeccable cleanliness and an enchanting garden pool that enhances the resort’s allure.

The breakfast selection presented a diverse array of choices, ensuring utmost satisfaction for discerning palates. Best part that the breakfast is buffet style and it includes fresh fruit, freshly baked bread, salads, eggs, freshly squeezed juices and of course their famous Vietnamese coffee.


The resort offers 2 bedroom villas for families and deluxe rooms for fewer people. 2 bedroom villa was were perfect for our extended family. It had a king size and a single bed in one bedroom as well as another king size bed in the second bedroom. Full equipped kitchen is always necessary to fix quick meals for our children. The setting also included a work station which was perfect as we work online. The wi-fi provided by the resort was excellent and fast.

NOTE: they also have an outdoors kitchen that everyone can use.

The linens were of superb quality and we truly had the best night sleeps. The villa has an extended balcony with the views of the lush green jungle. As we sipped our morning coffee on the balcony and admired the views and the sounds of the rainforest, we could not have been more pleased with the setting.

The pool that had live music played every day at it swim up bar has been nothing short of outstanding. We spent significant amount of time there as kids enjoyed the music and swimming.


  • scooter rentals
  • tours
  • games and kids playroom as well as swing set very close to the pool (this has been a real hit with the children)

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Le Forest resort epitomizes excellence in every aspect. For those seeking an unparalleled sojourn in Phu Quoc, this establishment stands as the epitome of hospitality. Under the stewardship of Albert and his gracious family, guests are treated to a warm and accommodating environment.

The resort’s meticulous upkeep and serene ambiance foster a sense of tranquility, while the well-appointed rooms, inviting pool, and delectable cuisine contribute to an unforgettable stay. Our reluctance to depart was testament to the profound impression Le Forest left upon us, prompting us to extend our stay multiple times. I highly recommend this remarkable destination and eagerly anticipate my return.