Major Holidays In Thailand

Major Holidays In Thailand

Thailand celebrates a variety of holidays, some of which are based on traditional Thai culture, while others are religious or national in nature.

Here’s a list of some major holidays in Thailand along with brief descriptions of how they are celebrated:

  1. New Year’s Day (January 1st): Celebrated similarly to other countries with festivities, parties, and fireworks.
  2. Songkran (Thai New Year, April 13th – 15th): This is one of the most important holidays in Thailand. Traditionally, Songkran was a time for Thais to visit temples and spend time with family. In modern times, it’s celebrated with water fights, symbolizing the washing away of bad luck and sins from the previous year.
  3. Makha Bucha Day (February/March): This Buddhist holiday commemorates the day when 1,250 disciples spontaneously gathered to hear the Buddha preach. Thai Buddhists typically visit temples to perform merit-making activities such as giving alms, attending candlelit processions, and listening to sermons.
  4. Visakha Bucha Day (May): Celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. Buddhists visit temples to make merit, listen to sermons, and participate in candlelit processions.

5. Asanha Bucha Day (July): Commemorates the first sermon of the Buddha. Celebrated with similar activities to Makha Bucha Day.

6. Chulalongkorn Day (October 23rd): Honors King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) for his significant contributions to Thailand’s modernization. There are usually ceremonies at statues and monuments dedicated to the king.

7. Loy Krathong (November): Often called the “Festival of Lights,” it involves floating small decorated baskets (krathongs) on rivers and waterways to pay respect to the water spirits and apologize for polluting the water. There are also fireworks, parades, and cultural performances.

8. Christmas (December 25th): While not a public holiday, Christmas is celebrated in urban areas with decorations, lights, and some festivities, particularly in areas with a significant expatriate or Christian population.

9. Chinese New Year (January/February): Celebrated mainly by the Thai-Chinese community with dragon and lion dances, feasting, and family gatherings.

10. National Day (December 5th): Celebrates the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), who was highly revered in Thailand. It’s also celebrated as Father’s Day in Thailand, as King Bhumibol was considered the father of the nation.

These are some of the major holidays in Thailand, but there are also regional festivals and observances that vary throughout the country. Additionally, Islamic holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are observed by the Muslim minority in Thailand.

I hope this information helps, as the timing of the Holidays may impact not only working hours of attractions but also Prices of:

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  • plane tickets
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