Renting a car in Lithuania

Renting a car in Lithuania

We are sharing our experience of renting a car in Lithuania since we will rent from the same people for the next one as well.

It is definitely a budget rental- and a very pleasant experience. We rented a ~Toyota Prius (we wanted an automatic and gas friendly vehicle since gas prices a bit jacked up in Lithuania). Originally the price was 14 euros per day, but since we got the car for more than 20 days – the rental agency gave a better deal of 13 euros per day. And as you know Toyota is a Toyota and Prius is fantastic on gas (consumes around 5-5.5l/100km or less if you do not drive like a maniac). You can find the selection of rental cars here on their website: CAR RENTAL – they have a few to choose from, depending on your preference, family size, budget etc. The rental is conveniently located in Vilnius, the owner can deliver the vehicle to you anywhere in Vilnius during the workweek, otherwise you can agree on the meeting spot, the owner is very flexible.

The deposit is 120 euros and it is returned the day you return the car. We had no problem, neither did my mother in law, getting back the deposit.

The car rental includes full coverage insurance and road side assistance (300 euros deductibles is subject for the accidents and damage to the car if it is your fault). The insurance is not valid if you are traveling outside the country – so be aware if you want to explore Latvia, Poland or travel within the EU, this may not be for you.

We rented a Prius and here is the review for our family of 5: we all fit. We even had enough space in the trunk to put the stroller and other belongings. For a price of 390 euros for a months rental I think it is a great bang for your buck and we will do it again this upcoming summer. The boys loved the car and it served us well. We only had a flat tire once, but opted out to fix ourselves (the kit to fix a flat tire with a small hole costs around 4 euros and you can fix anywhere- we learned about it in Mexico and we always have one with us).

I hope this is helpful information and please share with others. Thank you for reading!

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