5 Must Do activities with children in Ella, Sri Lanka

5 Must Do activities with children in Ella, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country of thousands waterfalls, spectacular countryside, lush jungle, beautiful beaches, humble and kind people.
While the country is becoming a go to destination to more and more travelers, it also has retained its unique cultural spirit.

While exploring Negombo, Dambulla, Sigiriya and Kandy we stopped only for couple days in each location, we spent a whopping 5 days in Ella. And there is a good reason why- it is a great place to hike, have beautiful and authentic train ride, explore nearby caves and waterfalls, temples, tea plantations and of course Ella village.

Here are the 5 must do activities in or near Ella for traveling families with kids:-

  1. Hike to Little Adam’s Peak for spectacular views ❤️
    The entrance to the hike is also an entrance to the resort and you will not be able to take your car unless you are a guest there, but for the ride up to the resort you can always get a tuk tuk (which costs 500 rupees but I would not take it as we spent more standing rather than going because of the traffic jam on the road; another reason- it is an easy hike up to the resort and pretty short).
    Once you are hiking from the resort up the steps to the peak- it takes around 10-15 minutes, you sweat a lot, probably the kids would start complaining , but up top the views are breathtaking and you can also get fresh coconut to quench your thirst. Go early in the morning to beat the crowds and have the place to yourself.

2. Rawana Waterfall

During the rainy season it is so big – definitely a must on the list.
Even the locals come visit this waterfall.
You will definitely be greeted by monkeys here as they are a frequent guests coming to get something to eat. There are shops and small cafes if you wish to buy something.

3. Explore the Nine Arches Bridge –

This is such a beautiful place with all lush green jungle surrounding this bridge.
You can get to the place by tuk tuk but some entrances you will have to hike to it approximately 200-300 meters.

Also, see what time the train is supposed to come – and go to see the bridge at that time.
There is also a tunnel which my kids explored and had so much fun.

4 and 5. Train from Ella to Badulla and Dunhinda Waterfalls near Badulla.
This is an activity for the whole day.
catch a 7:20 am train to Badulla, which costs 150 rp per adult and half price for the kids.
It takes only an hour ride but you get a great views of the local countryside, lush jungle and local villages. You also pass the Nine Arches Bridge- which is phenomenal.
Once you get to Badulla- get a tuk tuk to take you to Dunhinda Waterfall which is just a few kilometers away from the station.
Once you are there is costs 300 rp for adults and 150 rp per child and it takes approximately 35-45 minute hike up and down the steps and rocks to see the waterfall. On the way you will meet a lot of monkeys, locals cooking in a clay fireplaces as well as selling local goodies.
It is a beautiful waterfall where with the hike there and back you will easily spend at least 2 hours.
After the hike either take a tuk tuk back to Ella or take the train back from Badulla.
We took a train and were very happy with the views as we got a different perspective going back.

The beautiful views are mesmerizing in Ella. I hope you enjoy them! Thank you for reading 🙏

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