Renting A Car in Bali

Renting A Car in Bali

As many of you know – we love exploring our destinations by car. My husband is an excellent diver and we trust him to take us through very narrow, wide, bumpy, dirt, back roads where ever we are.

No surprise hat Bali has very narrow roads primarily because most of people use scooters and the traffic can be hectic at times here on the island. But we still risked it all as we wanted to explore the island more and it is much easier to do so with a car.

So we looked and researched and truly found the best place to rent a car with over 170 5 star reviews.

Here is what we loved: no leaving the passport and no deposit. Easy and simple, can ay with a credit card, very responsive and great car with a turbo (and trust me for a small car You ned it when traveling through the mountains) and – very budget friendly.

We rented a Toyota Raize and small SUV- very good on gas (gas in Bali is 13200 IDR per liter – a little less than 1$ US per liter). Car rental per day is 350000 IDR (around 23$ US). We found that it is at our best interest to rent a car rather than explore the island with a driver given we have 3 children and everyone is with their own demands and to tell you the truth the driver costs around 35-50$ US per day if you want to explore around so comparing the money aspect it was the best choice for our family.

We would have been able to get a car delivered to the Airport but we decided to rent it the next day we arrived so we got a taxi to the Car Rental which is just a short drive from Denpasar Airport.

The car was new, clean, technically and mechanically fit. Lots of space, it held 5 luggages, 3 backpacks and a bag for groceries.

We could fit all 6 people in it.

So it was a win win for us- budget friendly, great car, that took everywhere around the island including waterfalls, mountains, jungle, back roads and city roads. Did not have any problems and would highly recommend this great company to rent a car from.

Couple things to note:

  • the driving is on the left side of the street
  • you need an international driver’s permit
  • you need to show your passport and send in the copy of it

Here is the company’s address: Bali Bija Car rental – Jl. Graha Parta Lestari No.8, Padangsambian Klod, Kec. Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80117. Here is the link to the company’s website: BALI BIJA CAR RENTAL .

Enjoy and explore Bali island with a car rented from a trusted company.

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