JIVANA Resort @ Kuta, Lombok – REVIEW

JIVANA Resort @ Kuta, Lombok – REVIEW

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Nestled within the vibrant locale of Kuta, Lombok, JIVANA RESORT emerges as a distinguished haven of tranquility, strategically positioned mere steps away from the bustling town center. Its boutique stature, boasting 8 villas and 13 suites enveloped by lush tropical gardens and serene koi ponds, epitomizes refined luxury on an intimate scale.

From our belated arrival, we were warmly received by an exceptionally hospitable and adept staff. The open-air reception, sheltered beneath a majestic cascading roof, set the tone for an immersive experience amidst nature’s grandeur. Our luggage seamlessly disappeared into the confines of the “Orchid” villa, a spacious 2-bedroom sanctuary where we felt not merely accommodated but cherished, even amidst the vivacity of our three children.

The villas, ranging from one to three bedrooms, offer a repertoire of amenities including a well-appointed coffee/tea station, fully equipped kitchen, and private terraces overlooking verdant vistas. Each abode boasts meticulous attention to detail, from the plush bedding ensconced in 100% cotton linens to the expansive en suite bathrooms adorned with tropical foliage.

Included in our stay was a sumptuous breakfast experience, seamlessly delivered either through room service or at the resort’s restaurant, where culinary delights ranging from decadent eggs benedict to refreshing fruit plates and smoothies tantalized our palates.

The resort’s meticulous landscaping, inhabited by meandering turtles and elegant guinea fowls, bestows an ethereal ambiance upon its environs. The main pool, with its inviting white sand beach and resident turtles, provided a captivating retreat for both young and old, elevating our stay to one of unparalleled enchantment.

A visit to the onsite spa revealed an oasis of rejuvenation, albeit one in high demand. Despite our inability to secure a same-day appointment, the indulgence of a Balinese massage proved worth the wait, epitomizing the resort’s commitment to excellence in every facet of our experience.

NOTE: If you are in Kuta, Lombok – you do not have to stay at the resort in order to have a spa treatment there – it is open to the public to indulge.

Furthermore, the resort’s strategic location, ensconced within reach of the city’s pulsating heart yet ensconced in serenity, affords unparalleled convenience without compromising on tranquility.

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Our stay at this super family friendly resort was nothing short of amazing. With its top notch service, food quality, fantastic ambience and superb location, it makes us want to come to Lombok even more. Private pool at the villa was a wonderful attraction for the kids and adults- we thoroughly enjoyed every minute in it. The exotic plants that are all over the property feels like we are in a tropical paradise. The lush greenery in the bathrooms makes you feel like you are taking a shower in a jungle but a bit more luxurious. The kindness and smiling faces of the staff made us feel like were were part of the family.

*Check HERE for availability of the villas: FAMILY 2 BEDROOM VILLA @ JIVANA RESORT