4 Island Tour with kids and a baby (from Ao Nang, Thailand)- Hong Island, Hong Lagoon, Koh Lao La Ding, Ko Pak Ka

4 Island Tour with kids and a baby (from Ao Nang, Thailand)-                                                                                   Hong Island, Hong Lagoon, Koh Lao La Ding, Ko Pak Ka

There is always a reason to go to Thailand- we have learned that while spending almost 2 months there. Thailand is beautiful, mesmerizing, has a lot to offer- there is something for everybody- it has the sea, mountains, lots of islands and lots of national parks. It is charming and stunning.

So people keep asking – what did we do in Thailand with three kids?

Let me start with Southern Thailand, Krabi region and the Island tours there, As we lived in Ao Nang and it was a perfect location to go on various islands.

We tried out:

  • 4 Island tour to Hong Islands,
  • 4 Island snorkeling tour (Chicken, Tub, Mor and Poda )
  • and also Railay Beach tour twice.

Let’s begin with The Hong Island Tour.

As there were 3 adults, 2 kids and a baby, we opted to do a separate/ private long tail boat for our family and it was so amazing since we got a luxury one (we did not expect that, but it was a nice surprise). If you wanted to do a tour with a lot other people on a boat – it costs around 1000-1500 bahts per person, so if there are 2 or more people going I would definitely opt to a private boat tour because of the freedom to choose where you want to spend more time at. The cost for a private boat – 3200 bahts. It did not include lunch but it did include water on the boat. This also includes pick up and drop off at your hotel/ place of stay. You will also have to pay a National Park fee once you get to Hong Island (they collect money once You get off of the boat : 300 Thai Bahts per adult and 150 Thai bahts for kids 5 and up).

The standard pick up time is 8 am and the boat from the pier leaves at around 8:30-9 am. However, I asked at the tour agency to start earlier and be picked up at 7-7:30 am. And there is a reason why, a great reason.

The trip takes around 1 hour to get to the Hong Island from Ao Nang. Since we left home early and we idd not have to pick up any other people since we booked a private boat – once we got to Hong Island – there were mainly US and couple other people. This island is beautiful , stunning and has a 3D Viewpoint that you have to get to climbing a few hundreds of stairs. The VIEWS are STUNNING, AMAZING, BREATHTAKING, BEAUTIFUL and WE WERE ALONE at the top. There were no crowds waiting at the top to take pictures, there was no waiting to pass with others on the stairs, it was so nice to be able to not be surrounded by hundreds of tourists. That is the reason YOU have to leave early.

The only downside- we did not get to snorkel off of Hong Island since it was low tide. This is another thing you will have to look closely to if You want to snorkel- low/high tides change frequently and sometimes it is best to go in the afternoon in order to be able to snorkel. Even though we did not get to snorkel on Hong Island, we went to another one called Ko Pak Ka, where we spend the most time diving off of the boat and snorkeling. Before reaching it we passed Hong Lagoon – where no one is allowed to swim at and also we stopped at Koh Lao La ding Island- which is beautiful, but after Hong Island and the Viewpoint (we were blown away by its beauty)and were not impressed with tourist crowds on Koh Lao La Ding.

Technically it is a 3 Island tour. It takes 6 hours from start to finish and if you do not take the tour with lunch – bring Your own food. Otherwise – it is a fantastic way to spend a day with Your children having an epic adventure.

Things to bring:

  • sunscreen (if you use it)- the sun can be scorching hot;
  • water (even though the tour provides it)
  • snacks for kids
  • snorkeling gear (there is always snorkeling gear on the boats but we found ours fit the best);
  • underwater camera – lots of fishies and corals;
  • lifejacket for the baby- boats provide life jackets only for bigger kids so we bought one on the street to the pier that would fit our baby;
  • towels;
  • a carrier for the baby- since there are hundreds of steps to climb to the viewpoint- it is the best way to carry the baby as the steps are pretty steep;
  • water shoes ;
  • change of clothes for the kids
  • great attitude to have lots of fun.

How was it with the baby?

It was fantastic. The baby even went off the boat to the water with me with her lifejacket – had a blast and was all smiles.

Would we do it again?

In a heartbeat. I could do this trip every other day. Hong island is beautiful. Snorkeling and swimming is amazing.

Do we recommend it?– YES YES YES. Even with the baby – this is definitely a great tour.

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