We love the beaches. We explore as many as we can, as us and the kids love to swim, snorkel, play in the sand, explore at the shore, enjoy the waves and everything in between.

Coming to Lombok, we did not know what to expect, but we knew we will be exploring the beaches of this island.

Here are TOP 5 beaches that we think that all families would love.

5. SELONG BELANAK BEACH– great beach with the opportunity to learn to surf or hire a board (we did the latter and it was fantastic). Lots of warungs (local cafes- although in our experience the food was not that great) at the beach, ample parking , lots of sun bed for bed with or without the umbrella (starts at 50000 IDR per chair for the whole day). The shore is shallow so it is suitable even for very little ones to enjoy.

4. MAWUN BEACH– it is a beautiful beach with a gorgeous scenery. The entrance is 10000 IDR per person. It does however have high waves and could be potentially dangerous for the little ones. We spent half of the day but due to high waves could not swim. Nevertheless, it is worth coming just to soak in the views and enjoy your lunch at the local warung.

3. KUTA BEACH – as we were there – we enjoyed it and it ws almost empty. beautiful with amazing views. Suitable for the swimming. However, heard later on, that it typically has a lot of garbage and is not that clean. Need to check again, but we had a great time. Lots of local warungs at the beach.

2. PANTAI LANCING (LANCING BEACH )– we went to this beach 3 times. It costs to park there (10000 IDR ) and if you like , rent sun beds that are 20000 IDR each. But the kicker- there are local boats and local kids that are playing there and our kids spent hours playing with the locals in a local boat that is there. There are also palm trees and buffalos roaming on the beach. Beautiful views and the water color is so divine.

  1. TANJUNG AAN BEACH- this is number 1 for sure with its white sand stretchy beach, to low waves and stunning views of the landscape and blue waters. The white sand does no get hot so even when it is sunny you can run around and your feet will not get burnt (we played soccer for some time and it was fantastic). You can also play volleyball there and learn to surf. There are many restaurants at the beach. Just overall beautiful beach, one of the TOP 5 that we visited in the last 3 years of traveling and we visited tens of beaches.

Hope this will give an idea of the stunning beaches that there are on this amazing undiscovered island of Lombok. This was a nice surprise for us, as we did not expect much of it, but so glad we went and enjoyed exploring this stunning island in Indonesia.

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