How did it all start?

How did it all start?

We seemed a typical family, that lived an ordinary life: had jobs, we had meetings in the park with the local families, we were strolling around the block in the neighborhood mostly every day. We were paying our bills every month, our mortgage. We had a week or two of vacation a year, that we would spend somewhere in Florida. 

It was not enough.

To me, living in Chicago suburbs was a lot being in a car , rushing everywhere and never getting out of the same routine. This life never interested me. It was dull to me. The same thing every day was not challenging nor it was fulfulling and I thought that we can live better than this. I never would have wanted to tell my future grandkids about the jobs I had working 9-5, 40 hours a week, or how I rushed to get from point A to point B in busy suburbs. And then I thought about our kids (we had 2 at the time)- I wanted them to see a different kind of life, that is not filled with strangers in their lives rather than spending time together as a family. I wanted us to make memories, learn new sports together, learn to overcome new challenges together, I wanted to teach them what I know, I wanted their dad to teach them what he knows. 

In 2019 we went to Cuba (it was a sweet gift from my husband as he knew that Cuba was on my bucket list countries to visit) and it changed everything. My husband loved it as well as our children. We spent such a wonderful time as a family, had so many adventures. After the trip me and my husband decided that we need to do this full time – and we should find the way to be able to support ourselves remotely from anywhere. Once we found the way to support ourselves – we put our house for sale, sold it in 2 days and put our few boxes that were left after selling all of our belongings into the storage unit and left. First we went to Florida for a month , then to Lithuania for 3 months and then got back to the US and drove our minivan for 6 months in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. We became a full time worldschooling family.

At the beginning of 2023 we had our third baby while worldschooling in Mexico (which has been a great experience I will have a separate post about it). 

Worldschooling was the best decision for our family as we are thriving and living our best lives. The freedom especially in our heads is sometimes overwhelming but so fulfilling and we feel grateful every day. The kids had learned so many sports and skills besides the regular subjects – it is undeniable and fascinating how traveling around the world can help expand their (and our) mind.

Hope we inspire other families to have more memorable experiences and we want to show what worldschooling really is. 

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