Renting a car in Thailand (Ao Nang, Krabi)

Renting a car in Thailand (Ao Nang, Krabi)

With our group of 5 slow traveling, there are instances where we rent a car to visit places on our terms rather than booking a tour agency. It is just easier with our kids being little and sometimes unpredictable.

While we were staying in Ao Nang for a month, we decided to rent a car for a week, to do short day trips to a nearby attractions. We had a wonderful experience renting from, whatsapp +66936155623. I found them online and messaged a week before we needed the rental. We picked a Toyota Yaris sedan, which was perfect car for our group and great on gas too!

The service – superb! They brought the car to our house and they picked it up from there – talk about the convenience.

To rent a car you need :

-international driver’s license,

-your passport,

-your original driver’s license.

The company also takes a deposit of 3000 THB- which is returned when you return the car.

The price – we paid 5400 THB for 7 days – we think it was a great price and if you rent for a longer period of time it may be even less.

We also were able to pay with a card – although they add 3% to the whole amount if paying not cash.

I hope this is helpfull!

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