Best SIM card while traveling in Lithuania

Best SIM card while traveling in Lithuania

Since being full time travelers and digital nomads for more than two years, we have learned, that getting a SIM card that has data and calling features is a game changer. We did it in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and also Sri Lanka. we have been doing it in Lithuania since we spend at least 2-3 months during the summer here.

First year we used EZYS. It has 10 gb of data available and no minutes or messages – but you do get a number. Cost – 2.99 euros. The data coverage was not 100% so this summer we opted out to LABAS Unlimited GB prepaid SIM card. You also get a number, 200 minutes and messages and of course unlimited data- for 6.59 euros per month. I did not know that this kind of choice could be this cheap. Honestly. The coverage was outstanding and we will be using the same prepaid card coming back this upcoming summer.

You can get this prepaid SIM card any MAXIMA store, and they are usually located by the registers. Cost as I mentioned before is just 6.59 euros and it is good for 30 days to use. Activation is very easy – you just need to call the number to activate and it starts working within minutes (technically they say it will take up to 30 minutes to get activated, but it never took us more than a minute or so).

While it does not support photo message sending – you can always do that through other apps like Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger etc that are run via internet.

What do you need? – you will need a phone and 6.59 euros. The phone has to have a SIM card slot.

Will it work with a permanent phone number that I am using from my country?- yes if your phone supports two SIM cards or if you get an eSIM for your permanent phone number from your native country. We travel full time and always have two SIM running at the same time. We can use Lithuanian Data fro wi- fi calling via our US numbers and also we keep local DATA on at all times.

Is it fast enough to get data for the laptop via personal hotspot?- the answer is YES. We used it a lot during our travels as we had to work on our laptops and it worked brilliantly even in the woods.

I hope this is helpful information for you. Thank you for reading!

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