How did it all start?

It was 2019, we had 2 kiddos at the time and as I was visiting my family back in Lithuania, my husband surprised me with a trip to Cuba for my birthday. He knew that it was my bucket list destination. It was such a sweet gesture, made me cry and excited and I love him for that wonderful gift as it shifted the whole mentality for both of us.

And so we went at the end of October to Cuba, stayed for almost 2 weeks. Even though I always wished to travel, that dream has been in hiding somewhere deep, but that trip to Cuba revived it with the utmost desire, I once again started to believe that we CAN travel, especially with kids. Audrius, as well, had a shift in his mind, because before that he said he was never moving anywhere, but after the journey to Cuba, his mind expanded in ways even I could not believe but am forever grateful. Audrius changed his mind. A turning point that made it all happen.

So we set the sail, prepared in ways to support our family while traveling, sold everything 1.5 years later and off we went on our life adventure.

Since then we welcomed our third baby while worldschooling in Mexico in early 2023.

I am forever grateful to my husband, my children, Cuba, The Universe and everything and everyone who helped make this dream come true.