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Weather and Seasons in Thailand

Weather and Seasons in Thailand

Thailand experiences a tropical climate, characterized by high temperatures and humidity throughout much of the year. Thailand has three main seasons: In addition to these main seasons, Thailand also experiences some regional variations. Southern Thailand, for example, may have a slightly different rainy season pattern READ MORE

Fascinating facts about Thailand

Fascinating facts about Thailand

As we are enjoying our time in Thailand since it is our first time here (and it is beautiful to say the least), as part of our worldschooling journey is to learn the most about the country we are in. We gathered some of the READ MORE

Local markets in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Local markets in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

While worldschooling with our kids, we really like to immerse ourselves in the local environment of the country that we are visiting. Finding and shopping at a local market is one of the ways to experience local culture, local foods, interact with local people, learn at least a little bit of local language.

Typically local markets are tend to be vibrant, colorful and distinctive from the markets in a tourist areas. After spending a month in Ao Nang, we found that local markets are the best- not only they have a better selection for the fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, meats, eggs and of course lots and lots of stalls of fresh and authentic Thai food, but they also brigs more value- it has local prices! We calculated that most items at the local market are twice less of the amount it would cost at the market in a tourist area.

In Ao Nang the markets each day take place in a different location and vary by size and selection.

Here is a list of the markets:

Monday – Local Market – hours of operation are from 1:30 pm to 7 pm, but there is always some stalls open earlier that have fresh fruits and vegetables –Ao Nang Local Market

Tuesday- Local Market- Ao Nang Local Market

Wednesday – evening market that starts at around 3 pm- this one is more food than fresh fruits and vegetables and slightly smaller, but it is nevertheless vibrant and charming as everything in Thailand. Here is the Wednesday Evening Market .

Thursday –Klong Haeng Thursday Market

Friday –Ao Nang Local Market

Saturday- our favorite so far as it is huge!- Klong Haeng Saturday Market

Sunday –Ao Nang Local Market

There is also Ao Nang night market, that is open every night from 5 pm- although the whole idea of this market is for the tourists as it is on the main road and caters to the them- Ao Nang Night Market – it has lots of different varieties of foods as well as souvenir shops and a couple of trampolines for the kids to enjoy while you grab a beer or/and a bite to eat. There is also a stage where live music is played (not sure if every day)and there is also a traditional Thai dance show with elaborate costumes and music.