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Weather and Seasons in Thailand

Weather and Seasons in Thailand

Thailand experiences a tropical climate, characterized by high temperatures and humidity throughout much of the year. Thailand has three main seasons: In addition to these main seasons, Thailand also experiences some regional variations. Southern Thailand, for example, may have a slightly different rainy season pattern READ MORE

4 Island Tour with kids and a baby (from Ao Nang, Thailand)-                                                                                   Hong Island, Hong Lagoon, Koh Lao La Ding, Ko Pak Ka

4 Island Tour with kids and a baby (from Ao Nang, Thailand)- Hong Island, Hong Lagoon, Koh Lao La Ding, Ko Pak Ka

There is always a reason to go to Thailand- we have learned that while spending almost 2 months there. Thailand is beautiful, mesmerizing, has a lot to offer- there is something for everybody- it has the sea, mountains, lots of islands and lots of national READ MORE

8 Epic things to do with your Kids in Pai, Thailand

8 Epic things to do with your Kids in Pai, Thailand

We spent almost 2 months in Thailand.

When we were just chilling in Ao Nang, we met other homeschooling families and heard about Pai, a small village in the Northern Thailand. We were told that it is wonderful, so we decided, that if we have time, once in Chiang Mai we will give it a go for couple of days. Well, you know what was the result?- It is absolutely amazing and even though we visited for 3 days only, we could easily have spent more time there.

About Pai: It is a town in the Mae Hong Soon Province of Northern Thailand. It sits in a valley on the banks of the Pai River. It’s known for its nearby gorges, hot springs like the Tha Pai Hot Spring and waterfalls. It is situated very close to the border with Myanmar. To us, it was such an great energy place, very bohemian hippy type of vibe.

Here are at least 8 things You can do in Pai to have an epic adventure with your children:

  • Bamboo Bridge – this one we visited the first day we came and to tell You the truth- did not expect much since we were all tired and a bit nauseous from the windy road coming to Pai. But boy, was it amazing! Stunning! It was so different from anything we have seen before, – that it captured our hearts! It also has a temple, there is a village and all life of the village is right in front of Your eyes. The views are stunning. Stunning! Cows roam free. People are tending to their fields. It is surrounded by rice paddies. We spent around 2 hours and since we had to go, we were really bummed but truly enjoyed our time there. the cost – 30 thai bahts per adults. Kids were free.
  • Pai Walking Street– this one is a must- great atmosphere, lots of local artists, local food stalls, streets are decorated with different color lanterns.
  • Thom’s Elephant Camp– we actually stayed on the property. We saw the elephants walking around in the morning, and we got to feed them anytime we wanted. We also were lucky enough to spend some time with them when they went for a swim into the river. They seemed to be well cared for and very free.
  • Longneck Karen Village – you can watch the village women making jewelry, scarfs, weaving fabrics. You can support them by buying something that they made.
  • White Buddha Temple (Chedi Phra That Mae Yen)- it is very close to the Karen Village. there are a few hundreds steps to reach the top, but it is so worth it- there are a magnificent views from the top and a massive Buddha Statue that is waiting there.
  • Yun Lai Viewpoint- it is located in the Chinese village where you can have a coffee and local Chinese food. But the beauty is the Viewpoint and its stunning panorama. It also has a beautiful flower garden across the parking lot, that is so colorful. There is place for camping and it looked that people really enjoyed the views from their tents.
  • Sunset at Pai Canyon– get there around 4:30 pm., grab something to drink or eat and enjoy the sunset. It is captivating.
  • Nam Lod Caves – technically this one is not in Pai but around 1 hour north of the village – but so worth the trip. Take the 3 cave tour and buy some fish food to feed the fishies in the caves – You and Your kids will love it! The tour also includes the trip from one cave to another via river on a bamboo raft! We also saw thousands of bats in the caves. Amazing experience!

This has been a truly 3 days of epic adventures in the northern Thailand. And if you even in Chiang Mai area- take couple days to visit Pai and explore it- it is so worth it!

Forever grateful for his experience!