5 Great destinations to visit In Bali with Kids in 2 Days

5 Great destinations to visit In Bali with Kids in 2 Days

When we come to a new destination, we strive to visit as many attractions as possible in a short period of time. We have a clear understanding, that people are different and some of the reviews that we read about the places may not be sincere, some are written out of anger or in some cases – we just not see eye to eye – so we try to explore ourselves all the attractions even when the reviews do not recommend them. There were also so many times that the reviews are so outstanding , like 5 out of 5 and once we go and explore – we do not understand who gives these reviews and why. So it is aways best to check or explore for yourself.

We did find a few places to explore in Bali, as we had only a few days to spare in this beautiful island, and here are 5 attractions that You can visit in 2 days that are worth it. With kids. It is our honest opinion about these places (not to mention – we have 3 kids and 3 adults traveling together and they all have agreed that these 5 attractions were fantastic to visit and explore).

TOP 5 Attractions to visit and explore with your kids in Bali (and You can do this in 2 Days!)

  1. Manuaba Waterfalls – this one is truly off of the beaten path , as there were just a couple of people visiting at the time that we were there. There are actually 2 waterfalls. The trek is very easy and pretty short to the first waterfall and then a few minutes to the second one. It is so nice to walk from one waterfall to the second because you are in the middle of the the rice fields. The lush jungle and green rice fields were a fantastic view for the eye. At the second waterfall you are able to jump in and cool off. The the road takes you through the water in between the rocks and feels very “Indiana Jones” like, seems so secretive. At the end of the trek, there is a local small shop where you can enjoy fresh coconut and there is also a swing if you like for an extra charge. We spent around 1 hour in total as the distances were very short.

Price: 20000 IDR per adult and 10000 IDR for kids

2. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

this is such an amazing place to visit. And there are a lot of places that offer “good deal” for tourists, but we found an amazing “place”secret” entrance to go in (I just happen to read the reviews and stumbled upon an old review advising to go through this place) which is near OneWorld Ayurveda or near Pura Dalem Jagat Kebon temple ( location: SECRET ENTRANCE TO THE RICE TERRACES )- there were literally no people. We went alone because it was on the opposite side of the rice fields and we loved every minute of it. The price is 15000 IDR per adult and kids were free (in comparison- we were offered “a good deal” for 350000 IDR for our family – basically 10 times more expensive). There are a few local cafes but we chose Santana Terrace– we had the most stunning views of the rice terraces, sat on the bean bags and enjoyed our lunch there. Food was great. We spent about 2 hours in total trekking the fields and having lunch.

3. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

this temple is situated in the north side of Bali. It is a serene oasis nestled on the shores of lake Bratan. It is almost like a themed park that you can explore with beautifully manicured gardens. The views are stunning. Mesmerizing. We explored for 1.5 hours here.

4. Sekumpul and Fiji Waterfalls

those are both close to each other and also located in the North Bali. Might as well visit them both as they are so close to each other. Many steps to go and then climb back up. We opted to do just the viewpoint (cost only 2000 IDR per person, otherwise they have a “policy ” in place, that you cannot go without a guide and they will charge you 150000 IDR ) which was fantastic and stunning and You can see both waterfalls!

5. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces – these rice fields here are amazing. And did you know that rice fields of Bali are actually UNESCO sites because of their unique irrigation systems? I found out only after visiting Tegallalang fields and reading more about them.

To have the best experience- stay here for at east a few hours and opt to go off of the tourist paths. That is what we did and so glad about it- we interacted with the locals working at the rice fields and this was such a magical experience. They also sell their locally made snacks like rice chips or sweet potato chips- they were so tasty that we had to go back and buy more before we left this stunning place. There is so much greenery, the territory is massive (covers about 600 hectares) and you can explore here the whole day. Very scenic and peaceful, have rivers and streams. No Need for a guide. We paid 30000 IDR per adult and 15000 IDR for kids.

Bali always is associated with rice fields, waterfalls and temples to us. These 5 attractions will always be remembered as top in Bali. When your kids and husband approve, you know that it is amazing. On a side note, always have a raincoat or an umbrella, – you never know when it is going to rain especially in the mountain region of Bali.

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