Need DATA? Calling? What SIM to get while traveling in Lithuania?

Need DATA? Calling? What SIM to get while traveling in Lithuania?

Lithuania is advanced in the coverage of internet throughout the country. There are a few prepaid SIM cards available. We tried EZYS and LABAS. We would choose LABAS UNLIMITED GB in a heartbeat due to its great value for the money and also coverage- we traveled to remote places in Lithuania and we had coverage at all times.

LABAS Unlimited GB costs 6.59 Euros per month. You can buy it at a store called MAXIMA right by the registers.

What you get?- you get a number, 200 minutes to talk and messages, and also unlimited data. Game changer. While it did not support photo message sending via number – we could easily do it via various apps (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram and all others that work via internet).

What you need? -a phone and 6.59 euros. It is very easy to activate and it starts working right away.

If you have a current number from your country and want to keep using it while also using a Lithuanian SIM card while traveling- either you need a phone that supports two physical cards or get an eSIM from your provider – you will be able to use both cards together. We used two cards, making sure that Lithuanian one was the main DATA provider. We had US numbers and we could use wi-fi calling for it using Lithuanian SIM card data. We also used the DATA for work connecting to the laptop through personal hotspot – and it was more than enough and it was fast.

While there are cheaper SIM cards like EZYS which costs only 2.99 euros, but it has limited data and also was not the best coverage. With LABAS we were able to work even in the middle of the forest.

Hope this information is of value to you!

Thank you for reading!

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